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We create and distribute marketing content for technology companies such as white papers, case studies, bylined articles, press releases, collateral, web copy, etc. Our core competency is our ability to quickly understand technology products and services and communicate their advantages clearly to the intended audience. 

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Case study for DP Technology published in Aerospace Manufacturing & Design

A case study article that discusses how Maroney Co. uses ESPRIT CAM software from DP Technology to program complex parts for machining was published in Aerospace Manufacturing & Design.   


Case study for LMS International published in Designfax

A case study article that discusses how software from LMS International is  playing an integral role in Ford's virtual design process was published in Designfax


Reaching technology buyers with white papers

White papers are playing an increasingly important role in the technology buying process. A TechWeb study says that 76% of technology buyers use white papers for general education, 73.8% use them to investigate possible technology solutions and 68% use them to learn about specific vendors and their solution technology. Of the survey respondents, 44% said they have always read and downloaded a lot of white papers while 38% find themselves reading and downloading more white papers than in the past.

The TechWeb study found that 78.6% of technology buyers listed "minimal marketing" as an important element of a "great white paper". Maintain credibility by giving readers reasons to adopt your preferred strategic vision without turning the document into a blatant sales pitch. By the way, if the article is kept fairly objective then it should be possible to place it in print and online publications read by prospects and customers, which will greatly increase its readership.

Naturally, potential buyers are most interested in information about problems they are experiencing or opportunities they might be able to take advantage of. MarketingSherpa research shows that the most popular titles are those that promise concrete benefits. Develop a short, compelling and non-promotional headline that promises a benefit to the reader such as how to improve a business process or solve a problem.

When writing the paper, deliver on your promise to the reader by providing detailed technical information. Discuss not only the specific technology provided by your firm but also the alternative and complementary technologies that will play a role in your prospects' strategic evaluations in order to maintain a customer-centric orientation. Also provide additional hooks to draw the reader into the text including descriptive subheads, illustrations with captions, quotes in call-out boxes and a conclusion that echoes the executive summary. In the Information Week study, 75.6% said they like to see case studies and 68.8% like to see graphics in a white paper.

I have written over 2,000 white papers on a wide range of technical subjects for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Honeywell, Emerson, and many others. My technical background comes from over 35 years of writing about a wide range of technical subjects. My team and I also write case histories, bylined articles, blogs, press releases, sales collateral, websites, ebooks, and many other types of technical content. We do placements in all types of technical print and Web publications. Hope we can work together in the future!


Feature article from LMS International published in Industrial Technology

A feature article authored by three technicians from LMS International that discusses current sound source localization techniques was published in the UK magazine Industrial Technology.   


Case study for LMS International published in Green Design & Manufacturing

A case study article that discusses how Japanese automotive supplier Calsonic Kansei uses the LMS Imagine.Lab Vehicle Thermal Management solution for air conditioning (AC) system design was published in Green Design & Manufacturing.